Friday, February 20, 2009

Confused ..

So this is my 50th post ..

and right now , i feel confused ..

am in Doha , Qatar , In aljazeera Newsroom ..

and nowhere else i would love to be ..

but i still feel confused .. i am reviewing my thoughts ..

I see the world from a different view .. things keep coming and going ..

yes i have succeeded in making plenty of progress in my future career ...

But still , what's the reason of this confusion ?? .. am i someone paranoid?

i know this post looks like a trash .. its not the way i write usually ..

i just felt like writing .. and yet .. am confused

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Step Over ..

Today's Afternoon ,, It was a hazy sky with a lot of clouds ..

The Sun was fading .. I can see it in between trying to come out ..

But It Couldn't .. Something was blocking it ..

While i was walking down the street .. where i work ,, i saw a poster ..

It Said " I will step over My heart " .. Hm mm , Interesting .. I said

Holding in my hand " War Stories " For BBC's Jeremy Bowen .. I Kept Walking ..

I was reading the 2nd chapter in the book .. Titled " Crazy " .. So was I ..

I'd rather break my own heart .. Once , Twice .. and even Endless Number of times ..

But not Breaking Anyone's Heart .. Even If they were Evil .. or .. Good ..

In Animation , we have " Instances " .. which are Original Copies of work we use as backup ..

Where In Real Life .. you can't do that .. Video And Animation Screwed My Life ..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Get Deep ..

A Friend of mine , was talking about Soul Deepness ..

Get Deep .. That's My hear Call these Days ..

Trying to look into the choices i can choose from ..

Scared to believe my heart .. Trying to Freeze it ..

But it won't .. it won't Allow me .. it will push me further ..

At the same time thinking of the post period to come ..

Standing Here at this point , Afraid to make a move ..

Wondering whether it could happen or not ??

And Here i am .. thinking and asking ..

Why do we have to be afraid before happiness ?

What should i do ??

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Night ..

Last Night , i was sleeping by my right side ,, on my pillow .. lonely as usual ..

But suddenly .. i discovered my heart was beating more than its average rate ..

i found i was crying too ..!! .. i looked to the roof ,, though the room was dark ..

i tried switching sides , pillows ,even blankets ..still my heart was beating too fast ..

then at a spark of scenes .. i found my heart was trying to send me a message ..

it's giving up to all my trials .. and it can't hold anymore ..

Last Night .. My heart told me : "Find me a solution " ...

Monday, November 03, 2008

My Seagull is back ..

It's Been a while ..

I Went around West africa for sometime .. doing Journalism work ..

So , It's been since the last time that i believe a lot of things inside me changed ..

Both in my career building .. and my brain development : )

I went to Nigeria , Benin & Togo .. It was quite a fascinating experience

Personally , I do believe a lot of thing inside me has changed since that time ..

My understanding of things have changed .. Maybe yet to the climax .. but it did ..

Been More Matured to think about life now .. not easily bent like before ..

More yet to come .. Some Tasks await Decision Making ..

Time will tell about it ..

Will write more about these things later ..

Saturday, July 05, 2008

They Say ..

At Fajr , Omar Faruk Was Singing " Yunnus " 

Praising The Almighty Allah ,, 

Taking My Soul Somewhere Else ..

And I Started Writing 

" They Say .. It takes A long way to Be a Man ,,

Others Say .. What was before is a past ,, 

Some Say .. It's Never Too Late to Say It ,,

I say ,, I started Believing .. Only A Few Months Ago ,,

That Happiness , Joy and Smiles .. Can be every day's companion ..

With Only One Thing On Your Mind .. The Smile Owner

Till Then .. I Can't Say Much More " 

Let's All Pray For the Wish .. To come TRUE

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'll Be there .. D Day

Hey all ,,

Tomorrow is the 6th of april .. We shall witness a general strike ( that's what they are calling it )

i will be in midtown for coverage inshallah ,, follow my twitter box for the latest

so .. here are images ( Making ) of the promo i used for that ..

plus .. a video is attached for the final pre render minutes ..